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Infrastructure 201
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Class Length: 1.5 hrs
Prerequisites: For most courses, students should be familiar with AutoCAD Fundamentals and Civil 3D Fundamentals.


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Intro to InfraWorks
The course covers basic infrastructure and how to navigate the software interface. Students will learn how to import existing terrain and GIS data such as roads and parcels as well as where you can find GIS data in existing projects. Upon completion of the course students will have a general idea of how to create a conceptual plan for a roadway project.    

Working with ReCap
This class introduces users to the new Autodesk ReCap Studio application and ReCap Photo cloud service. The training covers importing multiple Lidar data files into Autodesk ReCap and the available navigation and review tools. Students will also learn how to edit the data and export the revised Point Cloud to an AutoCAD Civil 3D compatible file. The course will also review the ReCap Photo cloud service that allows users to post photos of a subject or area to Autodesk 360 and receive a Point Cloud built from a composite model of those photos.    

Civil 3D - Settings and Styles
This training will cover Civil 3D drawing settings and styles. Students will delve into the hierarchy of settings, which include styles, that allow a user to customize and standardize the way objects, labels and tables appear. The session covers the object layer and ambient settings, which are the default settings for all objects. The most common object style types will be explored. The label style composer, including the text editor, will then be introduced. Lastly, the table style dialogue box will be addressed.    

Civil 3D - Section Sheets & Code Set Styles
This course covers the finer details of Section Sheets and Code Set Styles associated with Corridor Modeling. We will begin by creating Sample Lines and Section Sheets and go over the details for creating a template file for use with the Plot by Page option and Create Section Sheets command. We will also review the Code Set Styles associated with a Corridor model to see how they control labeling that is applied to corridor sections displayed in Section Views.    

Civil 3D - Intersection Design Tool
Adding an intersection to your corridor model can be a difficult task. In this class, we will break down the different pages of the Civil 3D interactive Create Intersection wizard. Learn how to determine the intersection type, curb return parameters, and which assemblies you’ll need. Also, we will cover how to add additional features like turning lanes and merging lanes to your intersection model automatically.    

Civil 3D - Data Short Cuts
Data Shortcuts can be used to share Civil 3D object data between drawings. In this webinar, we will go over the difference between using data shortcuts (dref) and external references (Xrefs). We will explore what data shortcuts and references are, as well as describe how to set up the folder system for data shortcut functionality. We will highlight the process from start to finish including: creating and setting your folder system and creating and using shortcuts. We will also explore promoting, removing, validating and several other options. By the end, you will understand the fundamentals of Data Shortcuts as well as various related features and functions.    

Analysis for Master-Planning
In this course you will learn how AutoCAD Civil 3D, the standard design tool for civil engineers, is being used by many planners to bridge the gap between planning and engineering. You will learn the basics of the civil design model and how to analyze the slopes of the existing ground surface, model the composite finished ground surface and calculate the resulting earthworks.    


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