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Export a Bridge Model from InfraWorks 360 to Revit with One Click – Sept 27
Ok, I lied – it is three clicks: left click – right click – left click.

But seriously, it is that easy with the release of InfraWorks 360 2017. We, at Ideate, are dedicated to highlighting and bringing these nifty new features to you, saving you time and research....

AutoCAD Ideate Sponsors Leap’s 34th Annual Sandcastle Classic – Sept 22
As architects, engineers, and designers, we are thrilled to once again sponsor Leapís Annual Sandcastle Classic. This fun and educational event challenges Bay Area architects, designers, contractors, engineers, companies, and elementary school students to work together. They design, model, and create larger than life and truly stunning sand sculptures Ė from alien beings, mermaids, and other mythical creatures to abstract structures and traditional sandcastles.)...

RevitAutoCAD Advanced Online Training from Ideate, Inc. – Sept 20
Are you a CAD drafter or designer going beyond the fundamental commands in AutoCAD? Are you a CAD manager or power user in charge of creating custom styles and blocks or sheet sets to improve your organizations production efficiency? If so, our new AutoCAD Advanced online course is right for you....

Revit 2017: Electrical Apparent Load Calculation Options – Spet 15
One of the new MEP design enhancements in Revit 2017 is the Electrical Apparent Load Calculation options to help better communicate the engineering data....

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