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Ideate Participates in Another Successful Bike First! – June 28
Bike First! Camp, a program of Northwest Down Syndrome Association (NWDSA), has a powerful impact on all who participate – from volunteers and parents, to those learning to ride a bike for the very first time....

AutoCAD 2017: PDF Data Import by Choosing an Underlay (Part 2) – June 23
At Ideate, we are reviewing Autodesk’s latest software releases in an effort to detail the most useful new features for you. In this post, I am going to discuss using the PDF Import command to import geometry, text and images from a PDF underlay in AutoCAD 2017....

New to Revit 2017: Reference Plane Subcategories – June 21
New to Revit 2017, you now have the ability to add subcategories to your references planes. Assigning subcategories to your reference planes helps control visibility and graphic settings. Having different colors and linestyles for your reference planes will make it easier to distinguish the different uses for the reference planes. ...

Model In–Place: Prefabricated Non–Planar Building Modules – June 16
A Component Model in–Place workflow is typically touted as a one–off solution for when you have a custom situation in a project, not addressed by system or loadable families, such as a curved roof or ceiling or a serpentine wall – but what if the built–in solution repeats?

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